Specialised in mobile, we have delivered meaningful digital experiences for tens of millions of end users. Our clients’ biggest business assets come alive through intelligent, data-driven solutions.


MaaS Global – WhimApp

When it comes to transport and city traffic, mobility as a service is one of the hottest topics. We are proud to have a part in developing this new service that’s estimated to skyrocket in the very near future.


Qvik helped Aurinkomatkat design and develop their travel application and redesign their web site’s booking flow. The new booking flow increased the average purchase value and led to 60% better conversion, and RedDot Award winner app gives Aurinkomatka’s customers access to online self-services.



Aurinkomatkat Mobile App helps customers to plan their upcoming trips and serves as a travelling companion throughout their holiday.


The principal idea in designing the app was the ultimate goal to create the most personal loyalty program of all time.

– DELIGHTFUL ONLINE RETAIL is the biggest online consignment and thrift store in the US. In App, mobile shopping is pleasant. After the app was released, mobile conversion percent has increased and is now three times higher than on the website.


Helsingin Sanomat

HS Mobiili has, together with desktop and iPad, successfully brought the strong and loyal print readers into digital media through a truly outstanding user experience.

Nyt Chat

Nyt Chat is a simple chat-based communication forum created especially for Millennials. The app is modeled around UX that’s familiar from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, so it’s a real mobile-only experience.

Lasten Oma Satukirjasto

Lasten Oma Satukirjasto (Children’s Own Fairy Tale Library) is a digital book and read-aloud audio book service for kids aged 0 to 9 years.



MeeDoc brought the doctor to anyone’s reach regardless of one’s whereabouts. Qvik helped MeeDoc build the prototype and the tablet version of the application, and today the co-operation continues in another exciting form.


KiDMEMO has brought filling out a baby book to this century. You can conveniently fill your own through internet or via the tailored mobile app. When you’re all done, you can order the book at home – and maybe another one for the grandma!


ABB Drive Adviser

Drive Adviser was designed and developed for the use of ABB’s global sales teams. The sales agent can discover and specify needs with the client, send a personalised offer to the them directly and save the details to the company client base.


Nordic Business Forum is an annual conference held in Helsinki, Finland. It gathers together leaders from all over the world to network and discuss current topics. Qvik delivered the event apps for NBF until 2015.

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