17 January 2019

Behavioral biometrics let devices identify your quirks – the EU approves

Facial and fingerprint recognition is already mainstream. The next big thing is behavioral biometrics, a major advancement in information security that already got the green light from EU’s legislators.

3 January 2019

So long darkness, my old friend! In 2019, Qvik’s remote office is on balmy Mauritius

The first batch of Qvik’s remote office workers has arrived on Mauritius. It’s quite nice over there, they report.

13 December 2018

Find out what your Cloud-Native maturity level is

Most companies are still far from being cloud native, that is, running cloud applications fully managed by service providers like Google or Amazon. Where does your company stand?

4 December 2018

Visaile tähtien kanssa! Kuinka Hyvät katsojat -peli suunniteltiin?

Hyvät katsojat on Ylen humoristinen visailuohjelma, joka juhlii suomalaisia televisio-ohjelmia ja niiden rakastettuja kasvoja. Qvik suunnitteli Ylen tiimin kanssa ohjelman pelisovelluksen, jonka kautta katsojatkin pääsevät vastaamaan visakysymyksiin.

3 December 2018

Designing payment flows for mobile? Make it a low-stroke no-brainer for the user

In online shopping, every click costs you customers, but designing a frictionless payment flow is not always straightforward. What do you need to keep in mind when making compromises?

22 November 2018

Finland is the promised land and backwater of digital customer loyalty

Nearly every Finn has a customer loyalty card, but their transition to the digital age has been anything but smooth. We invited experts from Musti ja Mirri, Wolt and Tallink Silja's Club One to join us for a digital customer loyalty event and podcast.

6 November 2018

When you’re about to put the genome data of half a million Finns into the cloud, data security is critical

Qvik is involved in the historic FinnGen molecular medicine project for identifying disease susceptibility variants in DNA. It is also one of the first scientific projects of this scope to be uploaded into the cloud.

2 November 2018

We greet you, Google Pay! Breakthrough in mobile payments will happen next year

Google Pay is finally here to round out Finland’s mobile payment options. The manufacturers’ proprietary payment applications are in a strong position, but the offering is diverse enough to keep all bases covered.





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