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Insights combine your business needs to what your customers want

Successful service creation is fueled by two types of information: business insight and consumer insight.

Business insight and consumer insight complement one another. By doing your research, you can validate your decisions before committing to new or expanded offerings. Business studies reveal how your consumer business can operate profitably. Consumer studies help you figure out how to engage users and serve them in the way they expect. 

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Building mobile business on facts 2023

We studied how the Finns want to pay in applications, how willing they are to pay for applications, and what expectations they have for customer service and signing in to applications.

Why aren’t people downloading your app?

Many ponder the question of whether to create a mobile app or just a well-functioning web-based service. A concern with mobile apps is getting people to download them in the first place.

Online shopping, economy and preferred payment methods

Seven in ten Finns say that the current economic situation affects their online shopping behaviour. People are more interested in special offers and best bargains and also leave more purchases for special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales.

Qvik mobile index

Qvik’s Mobile index report for 2022 gives an up-to-date view on the extent of mobile web browsing in Finland. We address one primary question: how much of all web browsing takes place on mobile devices?

Digital everyday life in Finland

Finland is a society in which key services have been digitalized. People have also witnessed the darker side of technology: You can get hooked, or be marginalized from society if you are unable to function digitally.

Get a clear picture with insight

Consumer insight

Consumer studies focus on your existing and potential customers. Get high-quality quantitative consumer research and qualitative user interviews, user observation and ethnographic research to help you understand your customers and their preferences and needs.

Business insight

With business insight, you can top up your business-critical knowledge. We can analyze your business potential through desktop research and various analysis tools. Build your business case on reliable analyses of the competition, industry, and emerging trends.

Hungry for more insights?

Business and consumer studies help you validate your decisions before committing to new or expanded offerings. If you couldn’t find the insight you were looking for, we can create it for you. Be in touch, and we’ll build a customized business or consumer report to suit your digital product’s needs.