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Base your decisions on knowledge

Successful service creation is fueled by two types of information: business insight and consumer insight.

We can help you get a clear picture

Consumer insight

Get high-quality quantitative consumer research and qualitative user interviews, user observation and ethnographic research to help you understand your customers and their preferences and needs.

Business insight

Top up your business-critical knowledge. Build your business case on reliable analyses of the competition, industry and emerging trends.

Get to know Finland’s digital everyday life, technology-related fears, and hopes and expectations regarding digital services.

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Find out how Finns use digital services. Report is also available in Finnish.
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Qvik mobile index 2022

Qvik’s Mobile index report for 2022 gives an up-to-date view on the extent of mobile web browsing in Finland. Based on data collected from Spring to Fall 2022 across several web services, we calculated a mobile index for web browsing indicating the variable degree of mobile use across services. We address one primary question: how much of all web browsing takes place on mobile devices?

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If you do your research, you can validate your decisions before committing to new or expanded offerings.