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We want to care more

As a modern technology company we offer great opportunities, exciting projects and numerous benefits. But that isn’t enough for us – we want to care little bit more. Next we are going to concentrate on an even more inspiring and safe culture, learning by doing, deepening our professionalism and building an even stronger community.

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Inspiring and safe culture

A healthy and supportive culture drives all individuals to the next level. On the contrary, without a sense of importance and respect, work loses its glow and its meaning. We don’t want that to happen. We are committed to contributing to our prosperity with honesty and open mind, and expect you to get involved as well.

Learning by doing

You need a personal plan to support your personal growth. We help you set goals and give you time and the opportunity to learn while working. We also make sure there’s an open dialog and that you get the feedback you need to keep you on your learning track.

As a company we also like to learn by doing. We’re good but we wanna be better.

True professionals

We are not the kind of company that just goes with the flow. We help our customers to set targets and understand what is actually valuable to end-users. We want to give you the opportunity to take true ownership of our projects. We truly care about our customers, and we have the will and talent to make things happen the right way.

Strong community

Remote work is here to stay, but many of us can’t wait to get back to the office and be together again! We put a lot of effort in making Qvikies feel good and safe at work. But when it comes to wellbeing, there’s always more stuff to figure out. We will keep learning as we grow and continuously focus on our staff’s mental and physical health.