Qvik has a strong background in designing & developing mobile services for our customers – but we haven’t stopped there. Today we offer full digital solutions with robust and scalable cloud backends.

We hire people who want to do more than just code and design. Qvikies lead, support and make an impact.

We make meaningful happen.

This is us

In 2008, Qvik started out as a group of friends hoping to deliver saucy code and amazing digital services, yet have an awesome time while doing so – and the spirit of those startup-like times is still strongly with us. Today we are a team of 70-ish tech-curious, fun-loving problem-solvers. We prefer to take the lead and use our expertise to make our clients shine. We’ve built services that have become benchmarks. That’s where our aim was in 2008 and that’s what we now do every day.

Our Culture

Building meaningful digital services that make an impact and even change the way a whole industry works means constantly evolving both as individuals and as a collective. We stay on top of the latest technologies and trends by keeping close ties with the tech scene through arranging and participating (a lot of!) meetups and events, having internal guilds and encouraging everyone to try and share their experiences. Our sense of community derives from being friends and enjoying each other’s company at and outside of work. We travel together, celebrate together, share mutual interests. As an example, we have a lot of hobby clubs, such as a stand-up club, board game club or fishing club, which bring us together.

What we offer - in Finland & abroad

This part is clear: we offer some pretty cool projects for our developers and designers. Some of our latest projects have been related to, for example, mobility and travel, payments and machine learning.

A big part of our competence development comes through everyday work, but we also have guilds, meetups and coaching to support Qvikies in their professional growth. Our benefits package is nice and extensive, including lunch, sports and culture coupons; commuter benefit;  work equipment of your choice and phone subscription; occupational health care with extra insurances; massage at the office; annual employee bonus; and many sports and hobby possibilities with other Qvikies. In spring 2019, we will also have a villa in Mauritius for Qvikies and their families to share to have a holiday or work remotely.

What we expect

We expect a lot from Qvikies because we believe that if you have high expectations, you also deliver better and develop faster. In addition to sharing our vision of a company culture, the level of professionalism and core skills have to be high. We expect you to be used to recommending and comparing different tech or design solutions. You gladly bounce your ideas with your colleagues and mentor juniors. Based on your expertise, you can take the lead in projects. You also understand the nature of consulting business and what it is like to work as a consultant. We also expect you to ask questions, take chances, be silly and be yourself. That’s all.

Pizza&Beers @ Qvik

We regularly host Pizza&Beers meetups in which you get a chance to hear about the current hot topics in tech and design. And of course, stuff yourself with pizza and fizzy beverages. In the past, our themes have included for example relevance design, recommender systems and AR/VR, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Health, Sports & Wellness Technology, and PSD2 and its opportunities for mobile services.

More info and registrations for our events through Qvik’s Meetup page.

Get to know us!

Ville Pelkonen

Ville is our senior software engineer, a React Native prodigy and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. On his free time, he cooks naked, participates in and arranges all sorts of role-playing events, takes care of his friends’ cats and is also one of the five people who still play Pokemon Go. Ville is the blond Paperi T of software engineering.
He’s the bestest.

Liisa Stenberg

As Qvik’s AD, Liisa designs digital experiences and balances beautifully between making the most awesome products there are and realizing what’s not going to happen within the time and resources measured for the project. At her spare time, Liisa pours her gushing creative energy taking photographs and writing books – like, actual books that will get published.

Matias Pietilä

Matias is Qvik’s own modern renaissance man. He’s our head of design, and as a member of Qvik’s board he’s also there navigating Qvik’s overall direction – but in addition to that, he helps to boost our marketing and sales whenever necessary. If you need a professional opinion, feel free to ask Matias. Also, if you want to hear a joke told with a poker face, ask Matias.

Nice to see you again!

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