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Safe Pay certification granted for Paytrail, Walley and Maksuluotto – now also featuring a UX review

We have granted the Safe Pay certification to three payment service providers this year. Paytrail, Maksuluotto and Walley are now certified as safe, secure and user-friendly payment service providers.

Online shopping is booming in the Nordics, and more and more people are spending more and more time finding the product with the best price. However, it is still difficult for the customers to know whether any given payment method or payment service provider is secure. Often, customers simply have to take it on faith that the payment service providers used by the online store are reliable. 

“Consumers should always be vigilant and proactive in protecting their personal and financial information when making online payments. This is not always easy, but awareness is fortunately increasing”, says Qvik’s payment specialist Mikko Vahter.

Safe Pay certification is one way to communicate security to your customers. Its primary focus is on the security of processing the consumer’s data, and the certificate tells customers that it’s safe to pay for their purchase online. This year the certification is granted for Paytrail, Maksuluotto and Walley.

This year we also focused on the user experience of the payment flow

Payment flows are not exactly known for their great user experience. Firstly, the legislation and regulations limit what can be done with payments. On top of that, even if the payment flow is good, the ever-changing field of online payments can be confusing in itself.

The payment market currently suffers from an excess of service providers with different consumer-facing payment brands. Users can feel confused by the sheer number of names and logos alone, making it hard to grasp who is actually in charge of the payment flow.

This year’s Safe Pay audit included a user experience review. We validated whether the user flow supported the chosen payment method’s feeling of security and safety. 

“Secure payment methods do not rule out good user experience”, Vahter says.

“According to Qvik’s observations, most issues are related to accessibility, but luckily these are usually quite easy to fix.”

The accessibility of online payments is crucial for ensuring that everyone can make secure and convenient online payments regardless of ability. Ultimately, this may also lead to increased adoption and use of online payment systems, which can ultimately benefit both businesses and users.

What is Safe Pay?

When you see a Safe Pay certificate and/or the operator is listed on this site, you can be sure that your data will be processed securely and the payment service provider has taken the required measures to prevent fraud.

The Safe Pay certificate primarily focuses on the security of processes, systems and data processing. Certification answers the following questions:

  • What information is needed to make a purchase?
  • Has the customer undergone strong authentication?
  • How can customers change their authentication credentials?
  • What is the level of the vendor’s internal data security competence?
  • How is customer data processed?

For more information and consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Mikko Vahter.