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Qvik and Wunder: Start of a beautiful collaboration

Wunder Finland Oy and Qvik Oy have established a strategic partnership covering the Baltics, Nordics, and UK regions. The main purpose of the partnership is to offer clients a wider range of end-to-end digital product development services. By combining their expertise, the companies seek to create a mutually beneficial collaboration that provides more value to their clients and end customers, while also challenging the industry's biggest players.

The top technology companies in Finland, Wunder and Qvik, are strengthening their partnership through a new collaboration in Northern Europe.

Wunder is an expert in developing user-friendly and easily accessible online services that align with the client’s objectives and goals. Meanwhile, Qvik is the sole Finnish technology company that focuses purely on digital consumer products.

Qvik’s CEO, Lari Tuominen, is excited about the partnership. He notes that Wunder’s capabilities complement Qvik’s, offering Qvik’s customers new opportunities to succeed.

“Wunder has digital expertise and abilities that cover the whole lifecycle of a digital service. They have world-class qualifications for content management systems and expertise in utilizing data analytics in their solutions.”

Lari Tuominen, CEO, Qvik

Petri Lehmus, CEO of Wunder, believes that Qvik and Wunder are a great match: “Qvik’s expertise in mobile solutions, unique knowledge in payments, and excellent design offerings for consumer products support Wunder’s skill set and provide returns for our clients”

Despite the toughening competition in the IT sector, both companies plan to continue their expansion. Qvik’s Chief of Sales and Marketing, Antti Heinilä, says that close partnerships are strategically crucial for Qvik’s growth.

“The partner network’s contribution to our success is substantial.”

Antti Heinilä, Chief of Sales and Marketing, Qvik

Heinilä expects the partnership to be fruitful, and the fundamentals are in place: the companies are around the same size, but their customer bases are different. The company cultures are similar, and both companies offer new and exciting opportunities to old and new customers.

Heinilä is delighted about the collaboration’s opening: “The first concrete step of our mutual journey, an offer to Caruna, already paid off.”

Wunder Finland Oy assists clients in designing and developing digital services. The company’s strongest assets are software development, service design, UX/UI design, accessibility, web analytics, continuous service development and upkeep, and successful delivery and onboarding of different types of digital services. Wunder has its headquarters in Helsinki, with offices in Latvia and Estonia. Wunder’s turnover was approximately €10m in 2022.

Qvik specializes in digital consumer solutions, including design and development for digital services, native mobile solutions, and advanced payment expertise. Qvik’s headquarters are in Helsinki, with offices in Sweden and the UK. Qvik has 115 employees, and its turnover was approximately €10m in 2022. Qvik recently announced €6m in growth funding from private equity fund Bocap.

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