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Qvik, Helsinki - 25.1.2024

Digital Product Afterwork with Sanoma: From one storm to another – lessons from news media digitalization

Thursday, 25.1.2024
at 4.00 - Qvik, Helsinki

Sanoma is Finland’s leading digital media company. Founded as a physical newspaper in 1889, Sanoma has endured multiple disruptions – outliving the times without the internet, adapting to the popularity of mobile devices, facing the rise of search and socials, and remaining on top in today’s connected world. As healthy news media is now more critical than ever, Sanoma uses its rare position and knowledge to keep its digital product offering blossoming. This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers for digital products, such as product managers and owners. It lasts 2h and includes the keynote and casual roundtables.

Why attend

  • You’ll learn about Sanoma’s successful digitalization journey and the multitude of steps involved. 
  • You’ll gain valuable knowledge about performing amidst industry and societal disruptions, and explore the world of resilience.
  • You’ll gain insights into the evolving role of media and understand why healthy news media is now more important than ever.
  • You’ll get a chance to dive deeper into these themes in casual roundtables with industry peers.


Timo Rinne

Timo is the VP of Digital Development and Customer Experience at Sanoma. He has a proven track record of developing successful digital businesses that outperform the competition and expectations. In 2022, as a thank you for all his hard and creative work, he was chosen as the Digital Director / CIO of the year.

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