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Make use of Visa’s advanced online card payment solutions and commitment to user experience

Adopting digital authentication can help merchants improve the security of online transactions, reduce the risk of fraud, improve the customer experience, and reduce their liability for fraudulent transactions.

Many people think of Visa as just a payment scheme that sets the rules for Visa payments or a card issuer. In reality, Visa is at the forefront of developing advanced technologies that enhance the payment experience for consumers. With the rise of e-commerce, Visa’s vision is to ensure that the e-commerce user experience is just as smooth as in brick-and-mortar stores.

“One of Visa’s primary strategies is tokenization, which involves replacing sensitive payment information with a unique code or token used to complete transactions”, says Thomas Holt Nielsen, Head of Visa’s Risk and Identity, Issuer & Acceptance Solutions in the Nordics and Baltics.

“This ensures that customer data is kept safe from fraudsters while still enabling fast and convenient payments.”

Visa has been leading the charge in network tokenization and digital authentication, and its program and frameworks are in use by companies like MobilePay, Vipps and Mercedes-Benz. While security is the top priority for all merchants, tokenization also opens other possibilities, like maintaining updated payment information when cards expire.

“One of our key initiatives at Visa is Click to Pay. Click to Pay is a global standard for e-commerce and enables secure and convenient consumer payments based on card tokenization – we want it to be as good as contactless face-to-face payments (Tap To Pay)”, Holt Nielsen says.

How to get a digital solution on par with face-to-face transactions?

In today’s digital age, security is a primary concern for all businesses, especially for those operating in the eCommerce space. As more and more transactions are conducted online, the risk of fraud and unauthorized access to sensitive data has become a serious issue.

To combat this, businesses need to implement robust authentication frameworks that can ensure secure access and transactions.

Visa’s Cloud Token Framework is a holistic approach featuring a token that is binded to the consumers device (trusted device) and offers an innovative solution to this problem. It is designed to provide secure authentication for digital transactions by linking the user’s device to their card, including the use of biometrics enabled by FIDO (Fast Identity Online). This means that a user account can only be accessed with a specific device, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

Click to Pay and Cloud Token Framework are game changers when it comes to online shopping with debit or credit cards.

“The combination of Click to Pay and Cloud Token Framework offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use for customers. With the ability to complete transactions with just a single click, Click To Pay makes the checkout process quick and effortless”, says Qvik’s payment expert Sami Nurmi.

“Customers no longer need to waste time filling out long forms or repeatedly entering payment information. With Click to Pay, they can enjoy a streamlined checkout experience, saving them time and effort.”

The Digital Wallet Operator (DWO) or the merchant is responsible for the implementation of the Cloud Token Framework. The DWO is a service provider that manages the user’s digital wallet and facilitates transactions between the user and the merchant. The Cloud Token Framework is an essential component of the DWO’s services, as it provides secure and reliable authentication.

Digital authentication provides liability protection to merchants similarly to 3DS (3D Secure). The Visa Ready Program recognizes this and has adopted the Cloud Token Framework into the program, which identifies and supports innovative payment solutions that meet Visa’s security and usability requirements.


In conclusion, the Cloud Token Framework is an innovative solution that offers secure authentication for digital transactions. It provides a reliable and convenient way to ensure that only the user’s device can access their account, preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of fraud.

As eCommerce evolves, the Cloud Token Framework is set to become an essential component of the digital wallet and merchant app ecosystem, providing a robust security solution for all stakeholders involved. So:

  1. Get tokenized
  2. Bind the token to the device with Visa Cloud Token Framework
  3. Use FIDO for biometrics

This article is based on the event Improving your digital business with advanced CX. The great speakers at the event were Thomas Holt Nielsen from Visa, Teemu Karenius from Yonoton, Juhana Schulman from Terveystalo and Mikko Sievänen from Mint of Finland. The event was hosted at Qvik’s office on March 22, 2023.