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26 June 2020

Guide: Building digital success – The 10 fundamentals

Business resilience in the modern age requires a holistic approach to the different assets that together constitute a successfully functioning digital business. Be it global pandemia or rapidly changing consumer demands, businesses face an unprecedented amount of change streaming from the outside in.

This guide gathers together 10 fundamentals to keep in place while planning and developing your digital efforts. You’ll find it useful, if you’re a P/L responsible decision-maker in digital business, want to be a digital frontrunner or suffer with profitability, scalability or customer experience.

From this guide, you’ll learn basic rules for how to treat digital business inside your organisation, how to make use of outdated systems that cannot keep up, what has data got to do with all of this, and so on.

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Written by

Sami Vellonen and Ewan Maley

Sami has decades of experience in digitalising industries from startups to corporate giants. He's the glue between business, technology and consumer experience, and during his free time, usually on a bike. Ewan Maley thinks fast, talks calm and has the most charming way to solve problems related to modernising legacy systems.