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Making the most complex and beautiful ideas come true with modern technology.

Future-proof technology choices are one of the backbones of your digital product success. No integration too hard, no frontend too smooth, our developers are ready to deliver.

Our software engineers have a wide range of expertise, backed up by the knowledge accumulated by an industry veteran company. We will give you the answers to even the most complex tech questions. We can provide you with the teams, skills and speed you need.

Modern technology and skilled software engineers make your business efficient, sustainable and scalable.

Build your vision on high-quality and high-performance technologies. Our solutions are accessible by default and scalable. We release often and combine the mobile and web channels with ease.

Smart technology choices bring your vision to life

Mobile development

We have been building award-winning iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native and hybrid solutions for over ten years. Our code creates apps that stand the test of time, provide a great user experience and are accessible by default.

Back-end development

We are Cloud Native. Our back-end developers use modern architectures, integrations, Google Cloud, AWS, Node.js, Go, Python and serverless architectures. And this is just to name a few – whatever you need, we got your back.

Web development

Modern online services with web interfaces are built efficiently on APIs and tailored to your customer’s needs. We combine web and mobile with React and Next.js – whether it’s web components that work on mobile or mobile components that work on the web.

Technology strategy

We help you make sure that your next service is built with the most cost-effective and flexible technology choices for your customers’ and company’s present and future needs.

Being a part of the tech community

Our community reaches much farther than Qvik and the Qvikies. We aim to be one of the most active tech & design meetup organizers and community supporters in Helsinki and Stockholm.

For more information

We’d love to hear from you.

We are advisors, designers and developers who ensure that your next consumer service will be a success.