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Build your digital business with confidence.

Driving profitability for your digital service requires a solid business idea, intelligent monetization models and transparent, data-driven leadership.

With digital business advisory you can change your uncertainties to certainties. We can both figure out what is possible in terms of regulation and learn which of your business ideas are worth exploring. In essence, our advisors will help you find the optimal direction for your future digital business.

Turning your uncertainties into certainties

Qvik’s digital business advisory helps you beat the competition.

Technology strategy

Make sure that your next service is built with the most cost-effective and flexible technology choices for your customers’ and company’s present and future needs.

Business Design

To make profitable business decisions, you need to understand your current position and future opportunities. Business design ensures that great ideas translate to good business and growth over time.

Authentication advisory

Every smooth authentication procedure is built on a variety of authentication methods from strong authentication to SSO. Authentication is a crucial part of the customer experience, security and personalization of your service.

Loyalty Consulting

Modern customer loyalty programs are integrated into a well-managed, comprehensive customer experience. In fact, your customers are expecting properly digitized programs tailored to their needs.

Know your customer

Implement an onboarding process that is fully compliant with regulations and ensures that you know who your customers are. With automated onboarding, you can ensure efficiency and high quality of service.

Payments Consulting

Our expertise covers everything from PSD2 to marketplaces and payment gateway solutions for omnichannel commerce. All in all, with the right payment solutions, you will achieve savings and ensure that your business can scale to new payment methods and subscription-based models.

Qvik’s digital business advisory services drive profitability and help you save on costs

​​Successful consumer services are built on expertise and well-founded business decisions. Our digital business advisory services keep your services future-proof in order to bloom.

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