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Workshops make you nervous? Take Qvik’s Workshops for Beginners course!

Workshops are part of the IT business, but they don’t come naturally to everyone. If you feel uncomfortable about expressing your opinions in public, you can practice workshopping with black post-it notes.

The shared objectives of digital services are easiest to define in the form of a workshop. A workshop can boil down the most essential functions of a service and lay out a realistic roadmap. Indeed, IT consultants should be able to both facilitate workshops and present their views and opinions in a credible and charismatic way.

“In the end, facilitation is just sequential individual empowerment in a dynamic group context”, as concisely expressed by Qvik’s Head of Design and Workshops ABC instructor Matias Pietilä.

Or to put it more plainly:

“Simple applied systems thinking will get you far – as long as you keep in mind that design thinking is a verb, agile is an adverb, etc., etc.”

“You can always tell an amateur facilitator from the way they think they can hold a workshop without scent-emotion coordinated markers. I personally always use grape for warm emotions.”

Encouragement for beginners and the nervous

Qvik lets novice workshoppers use black post-it notes in real workshops. The black notes tell everyone that the workshopper is nervous, so they know to be encouraging and supportive.

“Many people stress over the quality of their post-its for absolutely no reason at all. I like to tell them that writing a good post-it is no more difficult than composing a basic haiku”, says Pietilä by way of encouragement.

Pietilä has been running in-house workshops for several years, but now, Qvik is offering the opportunity to outsiders for the first time.

“The real reward in my job is that moment when somebody comes to the workshop with real notes for the first time. That’s always an emotional occasion.”

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Workshops ABC schedule

9:00 Coffee and breakfast

9:15 Etymology and connotations of the term “Workshop”

9:30 From ancient Egypt and Rome to today – digitalization and the history of the Workshop

11:15 Lunch

11:20 Workshop genres, subtypes, categories and concepts

12:00 The ecology of the post-it: purchasing, correct detachment technique, storage and recycling

12:15 Writing, choice of pen and the correct font size for a post-it

13:00 Harmonizing marker scent and note color according to synesthetic theory

13:30 Increasing the intensity of your workshop

14:00 Focus and ambition after the workshop

14:30 Workshops of the future – Will the digital transformation be the end of the post-it?