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Qvik is active during Slush week

Once again, we'll be hammering away during the Slush week. In addition to building the app, we’re arranging events with Google, giving tech speeches and throwing parties. Check out what's going on and come join us for our events!

Qvik has always made the official Slush App, and that’s what we’ve been up to this year as well. In addition to being as awesome as last year, the map, navigation and search tools will be greatly improved. The App will have some new and super handy features, for example, easy access to favorites and the Slush restaurant menus.

On Slush week’s Monday, we’ll be anxiously waiting to get started. We’ll be rubbing our hands together and whispering words like “soon.”

Then it begins.

Tuesday – Founder’s day

Slush arranges an exclusive event targeted for CEOs and founders of startups. As Slush’s web page describes, there will be pre-booked and walk in roundtable discussions, workshops, pitching training and a few carefully selected keynotes. You can gain knowledge about topics such as Team Building, IPO and Global Expansion.

In the event, our senior system architect and Google Developer Expert Jerry Jalava will be demoing and talking about topics such as Supercharging Firebase, Building Serverless with Firebase, Backends for Mobile and GKE and Kubernetes, Get peace of mind.

Also, our CEO Lari Tuominen will participate to a panel discussion with the topic Scaling Excellence: Start-up Growth Acceleration Success Stories

The registration starts on Tuesday 15th November.

Wednesday – Google & GDG Helsinki Meetup

As Google Cloud Platform’s Nordic partner, we will arrange a Meetup for Google Developer Group Helsinki and Google representatives. This is an excellent chance to hear Google’s latest news and come discuss with Google’s spokesmen.

In the beginning, there will be a short speech from Google, the rest of the event will be informal networking.

The event will take place at Navy Jerry’s from 7PM to 9PM. Food and Drinks provided by Google.

Register here!

Thursday – Come greet us to Slush’s Engine Room

We’ll be having our own stand at Slush on Thursday. Our slot is on the recruitment area right next to Engine Room’s stage, so you can watch the talks with us – or talk the talk and walk the walk with us, you name it. We’ll be demoing some cool stuff there as well, you’ll see.

We’re always looking for new talents, and interested in chatting with new people. So come say hi, meet the qvikies and get hired!

Friday – Google Business Brunch

Google Cloud Platform provides new and effective ways for businesses to build smart backends for their digital solutions. On Friday, right after Slush, we will arrange a business brunch mainly for business decision makers who are interested in hearing about cloud solutions and it’s opportunities.

In the event, you can discuss cloud infrastructure with Google Cloud representatives, and hear interesting talks. Our key speaker is Otso Juntunen from Google, with the topic Google Cloud Platform is different – Run your IT as Google does. We will also hear Jörkki Hyvönen, the Head of Analytics at NextGames, sharing insights on Big Data and analytics, and a talk about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Jerry Jalava, Qvik’s Senior system architect and Google Developer Expert.

The event is hosted by Qvik and Google. Interested? Register here!

So, that’s what we’re doing on Slush week. Come join us!