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I want to play a game… the Qvik Code Puzzle game!

We have a challenge for you: Make a program that moves your game piece from start to finish, with as few commands as possible.

By using the functions, you can optimize your code; the commands in the functions are only counted once. The program will start with the MAIN function and in addition you have TWO EXTRA FUNCTIONS. Moving through the wall is impossible, but moving against them is suggested.

For the best player we naturally have prizes: A Wolt gift card and perhaps even an invitation to a job interview. Send us your solution with commands in the comment section below before the end of February 2016.

Here’s some tips/notes to help you get started:

  • The start square is not a command.
  • Turn to right and turn to left -commands only rotate the game piece.
  • You can bump into walls and it doesn’t stop the sequence of movement.
  • The finish square stops the movement instantly.


Download a PDF version here and write down your solution manually, or use the online version. Android version here.

The Qvik Code Puzzle was originally made for aTalent recruiting’s Coding Factory event.

Good luck!

P.S. Our record with pen and paper method is 18 commands.

P.P.S. With a self learning algorithm our record is 12.