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First in Sweden: St1 debuts mobile refueling

The St1 Way app provides the first mobile refueling service in Sweden. The service was designed and developed in cooperation with Qvik.

St1 Way’s FuelPay feature can already be used to pay for fuel at all unmanned St1 stations in Sweden. The feature makes refueling more convenient and keeps an electronic archive of receipts.

“In the future, the app also makes it possible to offer more campaigns and discounts to the customer. A digital implementation is more in line with customer expectations, and it lets customers use their benefits flexibly”, says Mikael Nylund, Qvik’s consultant and programmer in the St1 project.

You can use Sweden’s St1 Way app for mobile refueling and for applying for the St1 MasterCard.

The Finnish version of the St1 Way app launched the mobile refueling feature last October, at the same time with the Apple Pay integration. Both features are highly complex in their technical implementation. For example, mobile refueling requires an extremely secure connection from the phone to the bank’s interfaces and the physical gas pump. The connection is opened for the user remotely via a cloud service.

“The best user experiences arise from services that genuinely make the life of the customer easier”, Nylund says. “Even though the end result may look simple, there are often complex integrations in the background.”

The world’s first mobile refueling service for consumers was launched in Finland in early 2016. Today, mobile tank up options are offered in Finland by St1, ABC and Neste. Launching the St1 Way mobile refueling service in Sweden is a good play from St1, and it will be interesting to see when competitors will start putting similar services on the Swedish market.