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Extended collaboration between Google Cloud Platform and Qvik

Last Friday right after Slush, Google and Qvik hosted a business brunch. This was one of many events Google and Qvik are planning to host in collaboration.

Google x Qvik Business Brunch was mainly targeted at business decision makers interested in hearing about the possibilities the Google Cloud Platform offers. In the event, one could discuss cloud infrastructure with GCP representatives and hear interesting talks.

The Cloud Platform is of special interest to us as it enables a quick route to business innovations. Whether it’s machine learning or instant scalability, Google tools cut down development time considerably.

Both Google and us at Qvik are deeply focused on building the future. We are constantly thinking of lean ways to build infrastructure and business. As we are a Google Cloud Platform partner we always stay up-to-date and are able to choose the most suitable managed platforms for every project.

Also, being a Google Cloud Platform training partner, we are among the very first who hear news related to Google’s upcoming cloud services. We will be hosting many training events to spread the word.

Some key takeaways from the presentations held at the brunch:

Our key speaker Otso Juntunen from Google, spoke about the topic Google Cloud Platform is different – Run your IT as Google does. Google is now offering everybody the chance to use the components and infrastructure that they base their own services on.

We also had a talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning from Qvik’s senior system architect and Google developer expert Jerry Jalava. Jerry concentrated on the potential and risks of AI. While artificial intelligence and machine learning may seem a bit intimidating, they are not the future but today. And there are plenty of simple business solutions you can build around them.

Our final speaker of the day was Jörkki Hyvönen, the Head of Analytics at NextGames, sharing insights on Big Data and analytics. Many of his examples were based on Google’s BigQuery. It was interesting to hear how a gaming company has data at its very core. Jörkki showed us a concrete example of how one can combine different cloud platforms to gain the best results.

As mentioned, this was one of many Google x Qvik events yet to come, so stay tuned!