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21 January 2021

There’s one thing you can say about our Bob of Sweden: This guy writes.

Qvik Sweden’s mobile tech lead Bob Dahlberg is a nice guy. He’s a great speaker and an active member of GDG Stockholm Android. But on top of all that, this guy writes. And not just code.

Bob started writing around five years ago and now has an active blog on Medium.

“I write since it forces me to learn and master a topic, because research is crucial when writing technical articles”, he says. “I also write just to practice my English grammar.”

Publishing the articles was not the main point at first, and most articles never made it out to the internet – Bob felt like the answer was already out there. Soon he understood that an article doesn’t have to be unique or the first to discuss the topic in order to help, inspire or add perspective.

“I’ve had a lot of good help from the community, and eventually I noticed that I have something to give back. This also makes me more transparent as a developer, and I like that.”

Bob’s articles are technical and often explain topics in a way that is simple to grasp. He writes articles he would have needed himself when learning about the topic.

“I try to keep my articles short enough, since the audience is mainly developers and we like it concise.”

Bob’s tip for new writers

If you want to start writing, the first thing you need to do is make time for it. Bob has managed to do this while working hard and having a small child at home. Like everything else though, writing  takes more time when you’re not used to it. Here too, patience is rewarded.

“If you’re writing about your profession, my suggestion would be to write about something you’re learning, as you are learning it”, Bob says.

“If you take good notes while working, your article will be structured by insights gained during your regular job, and you just need a bit of extra time to put it all together.”

To prove that this guy really writes, here’s a cherry-picked list of articles he has published recently:

…and there’s plenty more where that came from, just check Bob’s blog on Medium.

Written by

Mirva Uotila

Started listening to horrible pop country music and can't shut up about it. Was briefly a nature journalist before becoming Qvik's marketing monkey.