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Qvik, Kamppi - 13.9.2023

The subscription revolution: Exploring the future of digital business

Wednesday, 13.9.2023
at 4.30 - Qvik, Kamppi

Subscriptions are the holy grail of digital solutions: They provide your business with easily predictable cashflow while delivering value the way your customers prefer.

Netflix, BookBeat, Spotify, and the like have been taking over the service space, including brick-and-mortar. The boom is fuelled by the fact that subscriptions’ are based on building deep, continuous relationships – they are a win-win for your customer and your brand.

In this event, co-hosted by Qvik and Paytrail, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to take advantage of the growing business opportunities of the subscription economy. Discover how to launch your subscription offerings, effortlessly sell additional products and services to your existing customer base, add value through the rapidly expanding range of digital offerings, and explore cases showcasing how to transform entire business models.

Furthermore, seamless, recurring payments are a significant factor in any subscription service. You’ll hear about Paytrail’s newest solutions, including card tokenization and unique solutions designed to improve billing approval rates.

Agenda and details

16.30 Doors open, happy to see you!

17.00 Keynote by Paytrail and Qvik

17.30 Roundtables begin

18.30 Wrap up

19.00 Networking

The event is a roundtable, with a keynote by Qvik and Paytrail. Our facilitators come from Toyota, Sanoma, and Wolt. Each facilitator will host one table with a pre-determined theme:

Matti Tanninen, Toyota: Revolutionizing Car Ownership: The Advantages and Challenges of Subscription-Based Car Leasing

Kaisa Aalto, Sanoma: Transforming the Media Landscape through Subscription-Based Business Models

Anniina Heinonen, Wolt: How to implement profitable and tempting subscription business in a platform ecosystem

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