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Qvik, Kamppi - 26.4.2023

The best mobile business models in 2023: What do your users want?

Wednesday, 26.4.2023
at 4.00 - Qvik, Kamppi

What are the most viable business models for mobile applications? What do consumers think about having to register in order to use your services? We studied the Finnish population and found out.

Since mobile apps have established their status as an essential cornerstone of digital business, feasible monetisation models have multiplied. The supply of apps covers most of our basic needs from sleeping and nutrition to education, health and entertainment. 

Subscription economy is blooming and people expect convenient experiences from every service. As customers get to carefully pick and choose their spend, there’s a limited number of apps they are willing to pay for. 

What kind of digital services do consumers prefer to buy on a regular basis? What kind of service level is expected once you get in their pockets? In this event Qvik Insights reveals the results of its 2023 Mobile survey, that covers all mobile app related questions you’ve wanted answers for. You can take a look at our previous insight studies about the Finnish market for digital products here.

Agenda and details

16.00  Doors open, drinks, snacks – nice to see you!

16.30  Welcome words by Qvik

16.45 Lassi Liikkanen, Qvik Insights: Building digital products based on research

17.00 Katariina Helin, Qvik Business Design: What do your users want? Qvik’s findings on the best mobile business models of 2023

17.30 Surprise speaker

18.00 Closing words

Please note that this is exclusively an on-site event, and we’ll be able to serve a limited number of attendants – so be quick!

The event takes place at Qvik’s Office in Kamppi shopping center’s office spaces. The address is Urho Kekkosen katu 5c, and you’ll find our entrance across the street from Tavastia club. Just press the buzzer downstairs, and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Warm welcome!

P.S. If any questions about the event come up beforehand, you can shoot them to Antti Heinilä at or 0440337841.

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