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Qvik, Kamppi - 13.12.2023

Technology solutions for making your in-store payments the best in the market

Wednesday, 13.12.2023
at 5.00 - Qvik, Kamppi

Retail and hospitality industries are rapidly evolving. The technological advancements previously building our online shopping experiences are now making their way into physical locations. New solutions bring ease, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to in-store payments and processes. To top it off, they deliver an enhanced customer experience. This event is your gateway to the future of in-store technology. This event is tailored for technology and IT professionals, business owners, managers, and solution providers in the retail, hospitality, and electric vehicle sectors.

Why attend

  • You will learn about the latest advancements in smart Android payment terminals that are easy and familiar to use and develop.
  • You’ll discover the latest SaaS in point-of-sale solutions. These solutions work online and offline, are cloud-based and customizable, manage your inventory, and allow multiple payment types. 
  • You’ll learn about in-store marketplace payments that allow you to process multiple purchases simultaneously while splitting the money between vendors.
  • You’ll gain a competitive edge by learning about the most advanced technological solutions in the market, saving you money.
  • You’ll get to uncover more about the topics in insightful roundtable discussions led by retail and hospitality industry leaders. Join us for a lovely evening of great company, drinks, and food!


Panu Poutanen

Panu is a General Manager at He has started up the branch in Finland and has a passion for creating innovative solutions and partnerships that help businesses thrive.

Mikko Vahter

Mikko is a Senior Consultant in Qvik’s Advisory team and is always on top of new technology solutions in online commerce. Innovative payments, cost-efficiency, and effortlessness for the seller are at the core of Mikko’s guidance for creating winning customer experiences.

Andreas Neokleous

Andreas is Head of Merchant Services at He owns diverse experience in the payments industry, including product and business development amongst digital payment services and merchant acquisition. Andreas is an expert in curating innovative payment checkout journeys for near-invisible payments.

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