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Qvik, Kamppi - 30.11.2023

Strategies for mobile product leaders in a challenging market situation

Thursday, 30.11.2023
at 5.00 - Qvik, Kamppi

Digital professionals may find themselves flustered in the wake of current economic challenges. Resources have become insufficient, yet the pressure to perform is substantial. Successfully navigating the market and changes in consumer behavior requires strategic thinking in mobile product development. Join us for an evening of keynotes, colleagues, and discussions designed exclusively for digital product leaders. This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers, such as product managers and product owners.

Why attend

  • You’ll learn product management’s point of view and best practices regarding prioritising product development initiatives in a challenging market situation
  • You’ll learn about the ways of working and development processes that have enabled K-Ruoka to start doubling the amount of their active unique weekly users even amidst unstable times
  • You’ll learn how to calculate the cost of your mobile application based on your technology choices


Photo by Ilkka Vuorinen
Juha Falck

Condensing data from Qvik’s history of apps, Juha came up with a calculator for mobile product budgets with different technologies. Juha is a Sales Executive at Qvik.

Lauri Rusanen

Lauri is a Product Owner and Team Lead at Kesko’s K-Ruoka. He has successfully led the renewal and growth of their multi-platform digital solution amidst a challenging economic situation.

Lassi A Liikkanen

Lassi’s expertise in product management has proven invaluable in many of our customers’ projects. Lassi is the Director of Design & Insight at Qvik.

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