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Qvik, Kamppi - 29.2.2024

GEN AI Revolution: Transforming Digital Interaction

Thursday, 29.2.2024
at 4.30 - Qvik, Kamppi

This event is an essential afternoon showcasing the latest advancements in GEN AI technology and its impact on digital products and services. We will go through tools, use cases and ideas on how GEN AI will transform our UI/UX when it comes to digital products. This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers for digital products, such as product managers and owners that are keen to explore the future of AI-driven digital interaction, with a special focus on addressing AI bias and promoting ethical AI practices.

Why attend

  • You’ll witness groundbreaking GEN AI applications and their ethical implications.
  • You’ll learn practical applications of tools like Midjourney, RunwayML, and ChatGPT.
  • You’ll learn to understand how biases can impact decision-making in AI systems and discover the importance of cultivating an awareness that promotes fair, transparent, and ethical AI implementations.
  • You get to network with likeminded enthusiasts.


Photo by Ilkka Vuorinen
Juha Falck

Qvik’s own AI enthusiast. His expertise lies in examining the presence of AI in payments, UX/UI, marketing, and sales. Juha is a Sales Executive at Qvik.

Jaana Hautala

Jaana is your local guide through the world of AI. She is passionate about preventing AI bias, a focus of her master’s thesis in Computer Science. The book “10 Useful Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Generate Online Income” is authored by her.

Joni Juup

Joni, the founder of Intentface Oy, is a passionate visionary dedicated to designing software experiences, crafting visuals, and solving problems with a mission to create a future where computers comprehend expressed intent.

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