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Qvik, Kamppi - 5.10.2023

Digital Product Meetup with A successful online store renewal is based on holistic customer understanding

Thursday, 5.10.2023
at 8.00 - Qvik, Kamppi

Despite their impressive physical storefronts,’s most recent efforts have focused on their original business channel: the website. In 30 years, has grown from a simple garage venture to Finland’s most popular online store.’s recent website renewal was explicitly focused on customer experience. This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers, such as product managers and product owners.

Why attend

  • You’ll learn how to shift from technical development to a customer-oriented approach: market segmentation, customer profiling and getting to know customer pains and gains
  • You’ll gain insight into’s organizational evolution amidst a significant digital service renewal
  • You’ll discover renewing technologies while renewing your online store
  • You’ll learn what identified as their points for growth and how they started their online store renewal process
  • You’ll get an experienced CXO’s best advice for successfully renewing a digital service in a customer-focused manner


Pekka Litmanen

Pekka is’s CXO. He is an experienced strategy and business developer passionate about creating revolutionary customer experiences built on customer insights.

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