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iOffice, Kungsgatan 60, Stockholm - 7.6.2023

Digital Product Meetup Stockholm: Adventures from scaling digital products at Electrolux

Wednesday, 7.6.2023
at 8.00 - iOffice, Kungsgatan 60, Stockholm

Electrolux is committed to making living more sustainable and enjoyable by reinventing taste, care, and wellbeing experiences. It has managed to stay on top of its game, and at 104 years old, Electrolux is paving the way for digital products in living.

Electrolux’s digital transformation includes five core areas, of which two face the consumer directly. Firstly, Digital 360 consumer experience strives to create an outstanding interplay at any stage of the customer journey. Secondly, connected experiences allow for new types of revenue streams via the smart appliance ecosystem.

Andreas Larsson is the Engineer Director of Digital Experiences at Electrolux. He is responsible for the engineering solutions of all connected appliances, brands and business areas globally. In Digital Product Meetup, Andreas shares his experience and tips for scaling digital solutions. What has Electrolux done to get digital products from zero to production in 10 months? What are their best practices for not only staying in production mode but also growing in all directions? Moreover, how to best deal with tankers, speedboats and other cultural challenges?

Digital Product Meetups are breakfast events for product managers, product owners, and people responsible for digital products. Above all, the events are for discussing and learning about relevant themes and others’ experiences. Come hear Andreas’ tips and tricks for successful digital product creation globally!

Agenda and details

8.00  Breakfast is served

8.15  Andreas Larsson, Electrolux: Adventures from scaling digital products at Electrolux

8.45  Time for questions and discussion

The meetup is hosted by Qvik, a Finnish-born digital agency working with hundreds of successful consumer services and products. The breakfast event takes place at iOffice in the center of Stockholm. The address is Kungsgatan 60. Warm welcome!

P.S. If any questions about the event come up beforehand, you can shoot them to our CEO in Sweden, Jesse Vartiainen at or 0504147709.

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