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Qvik, Helsinki - 14.3.2024

Digital Product Afterwork with Wolt: Culture deep dive – how to build an organisation of high ownership and impact

Thursday, 14.3.2024
at 4.00 - Qvik, Helsinki

Wolt’s story began in 2014 as a small food pick-up company with big plans. During an action-packed 10 years, it has grown into a world-famous technology enterprise, merging with Doordash in 2022. Wolt’s successful growth story is fascinating and rare, but presents a classic question about the people within. How do you manage to grow and keep your culture alive? How to keep people invested and their drive strong as employees become members of a massive organization? Come and listen! This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers for digital products, such as product managers and owners. It lasts 2h and includes the keynote and casual roundtables.

Why attend

  • You will learn how to manage organizational culture as the company expands
  • You will gain insights into establishing a culture of strong ownership within the organization 
  • You’ll learn how to make a meaningful impact and effectively use it to grow your business


Niilo Säämänen

A multitalented person in development and design, the CTO of Wolt, Niilo is an experienced leader with an extreme focus on culture. His track record speaks for itself as he’s built products, led teams, and refreshed competencies during his impressive career. 

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