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Qvik, Helsinki - 22.5.2024

Digital Product Afterwork with Finnair: Elevating success – scaling up post-covid by enabling  teams

Wednesday, 22.5.2024
at 4.00 - Qvik, Helsinki

Finnair, Finland’s flagship carrier, began to reshape its ways of working while scaling up development after the pandemic. Working with more than 100 individuals, Finnair built a multisite working environment that is a space for focus, performance, and teams to succeed. Finding the balance between capacity and expectation management has been crucial, as Finnair has had to dive into its structures, teams, and budgets to be the success story it is today. Want to hear more? Sign up, and come and listen! This event is tailored for product-level decision-makers for digital products, such as product managers and owners. It lasts 2h and includes the keynote and casual roundtables.

Why attend

  • You’ll learn how to balance between outcome and output-oriented development
  • You’ll learn how to find the right amount of process constraints to organize around dependencies and align development in digital channels
  • You’ll learn how to build consensus and commitment on Ways of Working in a multisite and multi-cultural environment
  • You’ll gain insights into how decisions regarding nearshoring and insourcing affect both costs and performance within an organization


Mikko Olin

Mikko, the Head of, is an agile team lead and coach dedicated to optimizing team performance and individual well-being. He prioritizes aligning the team’s way of work with the tasks at hand to enhance efficiency and people’s satisfaction.

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