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Qvik - 23.5.2024

Design Leaders’ Roundtable: Sustainability & Net Positivity

Thursday, 23.5.2024
at 4.30 - Qvik

Design Leaders’ Roundtables are Qvik’s invitational gatherings for those responsible for their company’s design activity. The next gathering’s theme will be leading designers for a net positive impact. This event is tailored for design leaders, heads and directors, UX directors, Chief Product Officers, and any other roles with company-level responsibilities in leading design.

Why attend

  • You’ll learn what net positivity is
  • You’ll learn how to help designers achieve net positive impact
  • You’ll know how to help the organization to help the designers achieve net positive impact
  • Participate in casual roundtable discussions and refresh your mind with new thoughts on the evening’s topic
  • Enjoy the thoughts and peer support of fellow design leaders from other organizations


Janina Fagerlund

Janina is a Design Competence Lead at SOK. She is a firm believer in the significant impact designers can have on a company’s journey toward sustainability, which is what she works on through the sustainability community at SOK.

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