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22 April 2021

Safe Pay certificate granted to Maksuluotto – a new service provider for

Maksuluotto is a new online payment service that offers one-off credit and sends the loan application to several lenders when the customer makes a purchase. The new service provider’s customers already include giants like

By sending the loan application to more than one lender, Maksuluotto helps consumers find the cheapest financing for their purchase. In this way, Maksuluotto’s platform also caters to the wishes and needs of both banks and merchants.

The company decided to apply for Safe Pay certification because it encountered the dilemma familiar to many providers of secure payment services: Since anyone can claim to be secure and reliable, how can a genuinely secure operator stand out from the competition?

It can be especially difficult for a new and unfamiliar company to convince consumers and partners of their responsibility.

“Maksuluotto is secure by design. Even if a customer’s sensitive data would be compromised in a data breach somewhere else, it would be impossible to commit a payment fraud through us”, says Maksuluotto’s Chief Operating Officer Johannes Rintaniemi. “The Safe Pay certificate levels the playing field with our better known competitors and highlights the security of our service.”

Certified operators can direct consumers to the Safe Pay website, which explains the workings of the certificate in detail.

“It also helps in negotiations with potential partners, since we don’t have to convince them of every single detail of our security measures.”

Payment shouldn’t just be easy

Experts can get suspicious when someone stresses the ease and simplicity of online payments too much, especially when the customer is buying on credit.

“If you look at some of the marketing, you’d think that your payment goes through when you just glance in the general direction of your screen”, Rintaniemi says.

But security doesn’t mean that paying should be an unpleasant experience. Online retailers like are increasingly looking for solutions to serve the interests of all parties involved in the transaction and are easy to use yet genuinely secure.

“We have a solution that ticks the boxes of responsible lending and security, while being reliable and easy to use.”

Maksuluotto also holds the secure authentication certificate issued by Qvik’s partner Signicat. Qvik and Signicat have collaborated on a variety of projects, helping retailers and payment service providers build secure services.

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