2 October 2017

Apple Pay will shake up the Finnish mobile payments market – this is what will happen

The Finnish mobile payments market is currently buzzing, and at least one major shake-up is still coming in 2017: Apple Pay. The iPhone-based payment system will provide some tough competition for the MobilePay, Nordea Pay, Siirto and Pivo applications of Nordic banks.

2 October 2017

Review: Building a living component library with Sketch

Once the latest version of Sketch comes out of beta, building and maintaining component libraries is going to become a lot easier. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming and how to get started with improving your team’s design process.

19 September 2017

Cars are not at the core of MaaS – phones are

In the future, whether you travel by car, bus or bike, you are likely to control your vehicle with a mobile device. Read what else we’re about to see, according to three experts.

7 September 2017

Cloud Conversion, Part 2: Cloud Functions

This series of articles gives you the latest from our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) “lab” where we tinker, experiment and do feasibility studies on our wide GCP technology offering for upcoming customer cases.

29 August 2017

Data science for (business) dummies

Whether your company is building a new mobile app that’s going to form the basis of your digital business efforts or you are interested in optimizing the workflows of your factory employees, data science can help.

22 August 2017

Not all programming skills are gained in school – Ville’s coding lessons train students for working life

The software industry is changing at a pace that makes it impossible for degree programs to offer the latest know-how....

12 July 2017

Three things we learned at UX Camp Europe

We, Aija Malmioja and Eeva Erkko, spent a weekend in Berlin and attended the UX Camp Europe. From all the sessions we participated in, we picked the three most insightful learnings.

5 July 2017

No excuse: Mobile payments don’t need to suck anymore

Ok, that might be a bit provoking, but the point is that you can already make mobile payment easy and effortless.





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