5 June 2018

WWDC18 – Mitä Apple tarjoaa ohjelmistokehittäjille vuonna 2018

Applen kehittäjätapahtuma WWDC18 potkaistiin maanantaina käyntiin perinteisellä keynotella. Katsoimme aloituspuheen Qvikin toimistolla HelsinkiOS-meetup-ryhmän kanssa. Yleensä Apple on julkaissut uusia laitteita...

5 June 2018

Data helped a Swedish media company reveal unexpected user habits. Would the same work in Finland?

MittMedia, a Swedish publishing house that has also made a name for itself in the Finnish publishing and media sectors, has started to develop its operations with an open-minded approach to the use of data.

1 June 2018

Is IT consulting a dead-end job? Not in our house.

In a consulting agency, it’s easy to be swept away in customer projects and lose your focus. That’s why vague promises of developing your competence are not enough – employees need support and space to build far-reaching career plans.

21 May 2018

A/B testing: A simple idea that is easy to screw up

Even though the basics of A/B testing are easy to grasp, the test often doesn’t generate business benefits. We listed the most common mistakes you can make.

14 May 2018

First in Sweden: St1 debuts mobile refueling

Launched today, the St1 Way app features the first mobile refueling service in Sweden. The service was designed and developed in cooperation with Qvik.

2 May 2018

Pics and tips from our Thai remote office

It’s been a month since all of us got back from our remote Thai office. Now’s the time to take stock and share some insights from the trip.

18 April 2018

VR’s ticket vending machine concept marries business needs with user expectations

The fundamental purpose of Qvik's service design is to generate real added value, both to our client and the end customer. This was also the design principle for VR's new ticket vending machine.

12 April 2018

Expectations vs. reality: How do our newcomers feel after they started at Qvik?

For us, recruiting is not about what we do differently compared to other companies but how we find the people who are on the same wavelength with us.





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