18 April 2018

VR’s ticket vending machine concept marries business needs with user expectations

The fundamental purpose of Qvik's service design is to generate real added value, both to our client and the end customer. This was also the design principle for VR's new ticket vending machine.

12 April 2018

Expectations vs. reality: How do our newcomers feel after they started at Qvik?

For us, recruiting is not about what we do differently compared to other companies but how we find the people who are on the same wavelength with us.

27 March 2018

Your definitive guide to mobile payments in Finland, spring 2018

Read Qvik’s comprehensive review of the current state of mobile payment systems and operators in Finland: who is offering mobile payments or wallets, how do they work in practice, and what are the hardware requirements.

20 March 2018

Fix your data and make use of modern cloud – the choice of a cloud provider boils down to a few big players

The development of modern cloud services has a bearing on every industry. Those that make the best use of the new tools will also build the best services and gain an advantage over the competition.

16 March 2018

Onnea Bolt ja Aurinkomatkat! Kaksi asiakastamme valittiin Grand Onen finaaliin

Molemmat finaaliin valitut asiakkaamme kisaavat parhaan mobiilipalvelun pestistä. Aurinkomatkojen digipalvelut ovat lisäksi ehdolla parhaan verkkokaupan, parhaan mobiilipalvelun, parhaan designin sekä parhaan UX-designin kategorioissa.

5 March 2018

How do Bluetooth-based payment apps compare to NFC and Apple Pay? Not well.

You can choose from two technologies when paying for your groceries: NFC or Bluetooth. Competition is always good, but there is no reason to put Bluetooth on a pedestal.

13 February 2018

Meet Yle’s newest news anchor Alexa – the popularity of smart speakers is skyrocketing

Smart speakers broke big time in the US last year and are on their way to Finland. Yle has entered the field with a news-reading feature for Alexa.

31 January 2018

Find out what your data maturity level is

Data matures like wine - terribly if you keep it in the wrong conditions. To be precise, the organization owning the data should evolve from mere storage to analysis and optimization, from there to a build-measure-learn loop and, finally, to predicting the future through data science.





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