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18 December 2019

Where Does Your Loyalty Lie in the Game of Consultancy?

You can’t turn your face to someone without you turning your back to someone else. Step into the shoes of a software consultant responsible for world-sundering technology in the year 2030, and find out where your loyalty lies with this text based game.

We’d like to take you to the year 2030, to a world in metamorphosis driven by the ever-accelerating technological revolution. You contribute by creating software for Q, a consultancy in high esteem. Emet Robotics, a company leasing state-of-the-art androids for the service industry, has been employing your services through Q for about a year now.

The fruits of your labor are covered daily in the news, with opinions across the board. One fateful day, you wake up to a situation dreadfully out of control.

Ready to play the game?


The game is written and developed by our amazing Ville Pelkonen, with the ideation help of Teemu Laakso and design help from Ville Brofeldt.

Written by

Mirva Uotila

Started listening to horrible pop country music and can't shut up about it. Was briefly a nature journalist before becoming Qvik's marketing monkey.