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Otso Juntunen from Google opens the day.

10 November 2017

Google Cloud OnBoard – It’s Cloudy in Stockholm Today

With a fully-booked house, Google’s Cloud OnBoard event is where a great lot of Sweden’s leading system architects and IT leaders are today. They’re at Folkets Hus for a good reason: to learn not only what kind of business value you can build on top of the Google Cloud Platform but to also get demos and instructions on how it’s done.

And boy are Swedes early-birds. There were people coming in to discuss everything cloud almost two hours before the official program began!

We’ve co-organized this event with Google already in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo. So our MC Jerry Jalava, a Senior System Architect at Qvik, has pretty much perfected his presentation of over 300 slides and demos. Sounds like a lot to digest in a day. But it means that by the end of next week (and the last OnBoard in Tallinn) there’ll be more than 3,000 developers and IT experts full of ideas on how to best use the Google Cloud Platform.

Our events in Stockholm continue with a breakfast gathering in mid-December. The agenda is building healthy data pipelines on top of GCP. This is an invite-only event, please email Antti Eronen to get a ticket. Also do the same if you’re interested in an in-depth, custom training on a specific part of the Google Cloud Platform. Over and out.

“A rockstar developer” is an awful cliché, but this is what it looks like when you have Jerry on-stage.

Thanks for Google for letting us be their chosen training partner on the Google Cloud OnBoard Nordics tour – it has been a great experience.

We also organise custom trainings on Google Cloud Platform for smaller audiences. If you want to know more, contact:

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