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Creating the most impactful digital consumer services

Tallink app + web

Tallink wanted to provide their customers with a convenient and smart way to make their arrangements for the perfect cruise experience. Together we created a service that enables passengers to both book their services for the cruise, as well as apply them while onboard. Our co-operation resulted in better results for both passenger volumes and revenue.


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VR ticket vending

VR was struggling with aging physical machines as well as increasing complaints from customers. With insight from a data-driven and user-focused piloting phase, the machines were designed to focus on the essential – one-way tickets for same-day departures. The machines were also designed to be accessible for all.


purchase time

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Ancillary sales
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Omaposti app + web

Posti wanted to create a full-service hub, beyond just a mailbox, in their customers’ pockets. OmaPosti app lets you receive letters, invoices and packages all in one place. Frictionless payments are also made possible through either adding cards into the app, or using invoice payments. Users can also track all parcels, regardless of the courier company, in the app. OmaPosti is a World Post and Parcel Award 2020 winner.

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