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17 April 2019

How do we work at Qvik

The Community

For us it is important that our people enjoy working at Qvik and they feel that they are able to develop themselves. We encourage Qvikies to find their path and follow their passions – and it is our responsibility as a company to support them. We use coaching for career development and a variety of means, such as guilds and mentoring, for attaining new skills. We highlight the meaning of self-leadership and encourage taking responsibility.

Our benefits package for supporting Qvikies’ wellbeing is also vast. In addition to a good set of occupational health care and additional insurances, we also have, e.g., a work coach and a masseuse at the office as well as lunch, sports, culture and commuter benefits. We also choose our work equipment. We arrange a lot of internal get togethers and events, and we have many hobby clubs. As a part of thanking our people, we usually travel together abroad once a year. In addition, in 2018, we had a remote office in Thailand for three months. In 2019 we have one in Mauritius. Year 2019 is a wellness year at Qvik which means that we put a special focus on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Working Together

Our way of working relies heavily on working together and sharing knowledge. Our developers and designers work side-by-side, supporting and complementing each other to achieve the level of functionality and desirability we expect from the services we create. We are very proud of the level of expertise that our people have. We truly believe that bringing different people, points-of-view and skillsets to the table makes better results.

We work most of the time at customers’ premises, in multi-vendor environments, but also remotely and at our own office. We use agile methodologies and are very self-organized as teams.

Candidate Experience

For us it is important that our candidates feel that they are treated well, and that they get enough information about us as a company and community. We have a recruitment process that aims at efficiency and thoroughness, not forgetting about the human perspective: confidentiality, maintaining an open discussion, getting and receiving feedback, and having a fair selection criteria.

Our process usually includes two interviews and an assignment. We also welcome our candidates to our weekly Friday breakfasts to experience Qvik firsthand. We measure our candidate experience and it is one of recruitment team’s KPI’s.

Written by

Salla Niemelä

Head of HR