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What back-end Qvikies value in their teammates

Working together and sharing knowledge, diverse people and skill sets, a desire to create functional and delightful solutions, and taking pride in our expertise. Self-organized teams that use agile methodologies. These things help us thrive as teams. 


It’s about what you say but also how you say it. So being friendly and open to discussion is valued among Qvikies. Clear communication, the ability to give and receive feedback, and the courage to ask for help when you need it. Sharing your opinions and giving solid arguments for and against. We also work a lot with non-technical people, so the ability to translate tech talk for them is also important.

A wise Qvikie once said “knowledge doesn’t matter that much if conversation works”

Skills & Learning

Technically speaking, we love to write clean code with good documentation and expect that from our colleagues as well. Our strict code ethic and low-compromise philosophy drive us to do things correctly instead of implementing quick fixes. We are often influenced by new development environments, tools and technologies, so the capacity to learn is essential. While the actual learning happens in the projects, we also want to share our knowledge with each other, e.g. through code reviews, in our tech guilds and with the whole company at our Qweeklys.

Taking responsibility

When working on projects, we take ownership of our work and responsibility for the solutions we are building. We know that shit happens and keeps on happening, which is why we don’t expect anyone to be a superstar, but simply own up to their work, in the good and the bad. “Ownership creates psychological safety in a strange way”, the same wise Qvikie also said.

Being you

While we appreciate passion for the craft, we also like to get to know the person behind it. So being yourself and pursuing your interests is something we value. We have established various company-wide clubs to support Qvikies in their passions outside of work.

“I think we have good team spirit and very talented teammates in our team. Not all of our team members were familiar with the technologies we are using when they started in the project, so it is important to have an interest in learning new things. We make mistakes but learn from each other. We don’t always agree, but we have open discussions about the things we disagree on. It is important to be open to new ideas and feedback (even if it’s negative).”

Olli Paakkunainen

“Working with teammates who are open minded and not dogmatic is great. Take for example when we think about tools or technologies. I appreciate colleagues who like to understand why a particular choice has been made rather than just proposing something “better” from their own point of view. Being comfortable in working with what has been chosen now, allows for a more team focussed input later.”

Ewan Maley