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And the developer said: “Let there be back-end” – and there was back-end.

Some years ago, our developers noted that our customers’ back-ends were not as good as they could be, and thus began our journey to the cloud. We now have a growing back-end team, and it’s about time we heard from them.


problem solvers

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Working with

Python, Node,js, Go, JAVA, AWS, GCP & ETC.

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We got a story to tell


In this story, we give you a rare insight into our back-end and cloud development. You can read about our developers, see our clients and partners, learn what we value in our teammates and how our recruitment process works.

We are more than just mobile

Although mobile development is what Qvik started with, we have expanded our expertise during the years and carried out a number of back-end and cloud projects. Some projects had their sole focus on the back-end side, while others were larger in scale, involving our front-end developers and designers as well.

We’ve recently had Qvikies from the back-end team working with our media, health tech, mobility, logistics, and financial sector customers. The projects have involved payment integrations, authentication, video streaming services, activity tracking devices and scientific research. Yup, there is variety.

Check out the Posti Payment Gateway, where our developers have been working with Python (Flask) for back-end and Google Cloud for cloud to build a gateway that allows any service to easily add new payment methods. In addition, the gateway lets customers use their saved payment methods across different Posti services.

What we love to do

Cloud native development

Serverless, microservices & containers

Integrations and API development

GW, CRM, ERP, IAM, etc.

Secure authentication solutions

Payments, identity management & digital loyalty

Modern architectures

Building new or improving legacy

Data engineering

Business Intelligence, ETL, Big Query, Data warehouse, Pub/Sub

Data driven development

Build, measure, learn

Some of our clients and partners in back-end development