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Profitable service design

This event was held on June 16. 

Utilising design to exponentially up your ROI

The best design solutions can turn your products into goldmines. However, building a solid business case for your product and then prioritising your resources flawlessly requires data. Now that digital interaction with customers surpasses offline counterparts in many instances, it’s especially important to know who you’re trying to please, and then do it right.

Speaking : Jesse Ukkonen & Matias Pietilä

This webinar explores two real-life business cases in-depth: VR Ticket vending machine and Tallink’s personalised digital experience for loyal customers. Through these elaborate case studies we go through best practices for all the phases of a successful, data-driven design approach.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You are a P/L responsible decision-maker for digital products and services
  • You don’t yet base design and budgeting decisions on research & data analysis
  • You have a complex product that is performing sub-optimally in terms of profitability or accessibility
  • You want to find out how to gain millions of additional revenue in just a matter of months after launch, or how to improve ancillary sales by hundreds of percents with design
  • Your business has accumulated pressure to perform digitally amongst COVID-19
  • You want to learn from the best examples, awarded as Best Digital Service of the Year and Best Service Design Winner (VR; Blue Arrows, Grand One) and Best Web Service (Tallink; Grand One), receiving numerous finalist places for design
  • You’re interested in improving your products’ accessibility alongside ROI

In 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Optimising your product performance through data-driven design
  • Building an outstanding business case for your product utilising qualitative and quantitative research methods, bundled right
  • Smart personalisation solutions that enable added value to customer and exquisite conversion rates
  • To scope your MVP right and embrace killed features with thorough data analysis
  • Best practices for designing order flows for complex products

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Profitable service design