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Head of Business Development

Imagine a team of five dedicated Business Leads. Imagine them in a growing company, in the software service industry, with a marketing team and head of business units by their side. Imagine them working hard, using their rock-solid professional skills to find and come up with solutions to clients’ challenges resulting in impactful projects for developers, designers and business consultants. Then imagine yourself. Leading them, helping them to succeed in their work and removing obstacles from their paths.

Now open your eyes, stop imagining and continue reading. Because we are looking for a Head of Business Development and this role sounds an awful lot like the things you just imagined!

Let’s cut to the chase

As Head of Business Development you will ensure that our revenue grows according to the plans our team has developed and increase the effectiveness of our sales work. You will be a team lead for our sales team and also collaborate tightly with our marketing team, setting goals for their actions and help these two functions to be truly intertwined. Together with your team, you will develop our customer strategy e.g portfolio management, analysis and profitability, and sales processes. Though your primary goal is to help your team to succeed in the long term, we are looking for someone who still wants to be active in the customer interface, especially in our key accounts.

We are living exciting times, as our company is growing and we are renewing our strategy. That is still a work in progress, but in the future, you will be ensuring that our sales follow the customer and offering strategy that has been created. Because of the strategy renewal, we have set short term targets for the role, but can’t yet say for sure what the long term targets and role will look like. Scary for some, exciting for others - if your heart missed a beat for the latter reason you could be the one we are looking for.

Your background and mindset

You should have previous experience and a solid understanding of software service sales, what it requires and how the industry works and evolves. Our sales are a mixture of new business, current accounts and bid processes, all which we hope you have a deep understanding of and can support the team in as well as integrate actions with marketing. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, both in Finnish and English, combined with emotional intelligence will take you far when working with different stakeholders. You know how to set sensible metrics and how to execute measuring in a smart and efficient way. You have experience leading a self-driven team and a genuine desire to help them succeed. The preferred method for that would be leading by example not management by perkele.

Though we appreciate your professional background, another equally important thing we have identified is your mindset. You will be needing a business development mindset and adaptability. If you are looking for a role that is set in stone, this is not it. The ability to make decisions and drive things forward is something your future colleagues and team want. We also consider understanding and experience of marketing as an advantage because we believe that truly seamless sales & marketing collaboration is the road to success!

What we bring to the table

Qvik was founded in 2008 and we are fully owned by our own employees. Our office is located in the heart of Helsinki, in the Kamppi shopping center office spaces. We offer a low-hierarchy culture, opportunities to try, fail and succeed as well as a chance for you to concentrate on your actual work. In general, our culture has been described as self-determined and mastering your craft so we hope you recognize yourself from that too!

Our benefits package is pretty nice, with the work equipment of your choice; lunch, commuter, culture and sports benefits; occupational health care with extra health insurance; travel and accident insurance; company-paid massages; pop-up work psychologist; stock option; and many company-supported sports and hobby possibilities with other Qvikies.

If you want to know more about who you’d be working with and how your days would look like at Qvik, get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Lead, Katriina Manneri,

Please, note that we only accept applications sent via our recruitment system.