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Backend Developer

“You ONLY do mobile development, right?”

Like hell we do! Yes, it’s what we started with, but we didn’t stop there. In 2014, our developers became fascinated with cloud technologies, and that was it. We were hooked! Demand for our backend and cloud expertise has been increasing continuously, and that’s why we’re looking for Backend Developers and Cloud Architects to join our crew!

We have recently been building cloud backends and architectures for financial institutions, the healthcare sector, retail and logistics such as Posti’s cloud-native, multichannel Payment Gateway solution that will handle all e-commerce payments within Posti. Or ML-based algorithms to predict mortality during intensive care after traumatic brain injury as part of scientific research with Finnish University Hospitals. Real, heavy, hands-on programming is wearing out our keyboards as our daily work consists of designing and building infrastructures, microservices and scalable backends. Though the main focus is on development, we also consult our customers on the best technologies and solutions in the project’s sales phase.


Lately, we have been using Node.js, and Python and its frameworks, Go and modern Java to bring our solutions to life, building them on top of AWS or GCP. This allows us to spend most of our time on actual development, as server setup and maintenance don’t steal the thunder. None of our developers are masters of all the technologies we use, and we are not expecting you to be either. Solid programming skills in some (or even one) of the above and a hunger to learn will take you far. If you don’t have experience of cloud solutions yet, with us you’ll have the chance to take your first steps towards building those castles in the cloud.

If you are already an architect or aim to become one, you probably have a deep understanding of, for example, network design, serverless design patterns, container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker), cloud-native development and architecture designs. Your programming skills are on a good level, and you want to keep your hands on the keyboard in the future too.


Communication skills - the ability to discuss and listen, give and receive feedback. Curiosity and a capacity to learn. Willingness to share your knowledge. These qualities make you a good colleague, but also help with understanding the needs of our customers. In addition to developing, you could be mentoring your teammates, as well as arranging and attending tech events. We encourage knowledge-sharing, both internally at our company guilds, and externally in meetups, which Qvikies like to host and give presentations at. You know agile methodologies and have good English language skills.

We’ll provide you with tools and opportunities to develop your skills further, as well as the freedom to come up with your own ways to create. You will have the opportunity to create your own development path as a professional, and our coaching process supports you if you want to be, e.g. a backend-developer-become-cloud-architect.


Our benefits package is pretty nice, with the work equipment of your choice; lunch, commuter, culture and sports benefits; occupational health care with extra insurance; travel insurance; company-paid massages; a remote office from January to March (Thailand in 2018, Mauritius in 2019 and Sri Lanka/Tenerife in 2020); and many company-supported sports and hobby possibilities with other Qvikies.

In addition, we offer our low-hierarchy culture; flexible working hours; opportunities to try, fail and succeed; as well as a chance for you to concentrate on your actual work. Because that’s what you would come here to do, right?

Our office is located in the heart of Helsinki, in the Kamppi shopping center’s office spaces.

If you want to hear more about this opportunity, get in touch with our Head of Backend & Cloud and hiring manager Jari Lindholm, tel. +358 40 530 1626. And if you’re into reading, you can learn more about our culture, dev & cloud.

Please note that we only accept applications sent via our recruitment system.